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What exactly is a BRANDIT?
A: A large BRANDIT (tm pending) is a 6" x 10" sign for your S.A.S.S. handle and number! They come in either black or white for $9.95. BRANDIT badges are available in black, white or gold, 2 for $9.95. BRANDIT magnetic signs are $15.95 and self-standing
(8.5" x 11") are $17.95 each.
*Q: Are other Large BRANDIT colors available?
A: Yes..Colors available are: red, navy blue, yellow, green, brown and gold (life members only). Colors available at $14.95 each.
*Q: Are BRANDIT’s a S.A.S.S. officially licensed product?
A: Yes, the JUDGE has one!
*Q: Where do I mount the unit?
A: You can BRANDIT your vehicle on the back window or your gun cart or whatever you choose!
*Q: Do you have something smaller?
A: Yes. BRANDIT Badges , are 2.5" in diameter and are replicas of your SASS badge with your number on it. They are perfect for your gun stock, gun cart, etc..
*Q: Are the BRANDIT’s a solid sign?
A: No. Only the Marshal, your name and number and the outline print
out. You can see the background thru the sign.
*Q: What is it made of?
A: This quality sign is made of high-performance vinyl with a manufacturers warranted life expectancy of 4-7 years or more, depending on your climate.
*Q: How are they attached?
A: There are 3 ways to mount your BRANDIT. 1- Apply it to your vehicle, guncart, whatever,. 2- Mount BRANDIT on a self-standing 8.5" by 11" easel. 3- They can be Magnetically mounted so they can be transferred easily from vehicle to vehicle.
*Q: Do you offer special pricing for larger orders?
A: Yes! We have club fund-raising pricing. If a club wants to use these as a fund raiser, we will donate $1.00 to the club treasury for each unit purchased and give one to the "one that brung me". 25 unit minimum order. They can be all the same or different. If the donation is not wanted, we can deduct the $1.00 off of each sign.
*Q: Is Custom work (logo’s, sizes, etc) available for quotation?
A: Yes, indeed. We make custom event badges, club BRANDITing irons, and
offer BRANDS as well.

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